Carpet Collections

There have been many changes over the years in the world of carpet manufacturing with the introduction of a vast array of synthetic products. Although many of these have their place, there is nothing more luxurious than a beautiful wool carpet.

Wool Carpets provide a great deal of benefits for a home.

Wool carpet is luxurious. When you step on wool carpet, you know something is different. It’s incredibly soft, thick, and plush. Better yet, it stays that way. If cared for properly, ten-year-old wool carpet looks and feels as incredible as one-year-old wool carpet.

Wool carpet doesn’t get crushed. Wool has a natural crimp that makes it very difficult to flatten. That means the appearance retention of wool carpets are maintained for many years.

Wool carpet keeps the home quiet. The insulation properties of wool carpet are not to be overlooked. The same thick, plush feeling you’ll love underfoot will also lessen room-to-room noise transfer.

Wool carpet is easily cared for. A natural fiber, wool has an in-built resistance to dirtying thanks to its natural oils and microscopic scales. Even so, wool carpet is easily cleaned with regular vacuuming.

Wool carpet is hypoallergenic. Allergy suffers and those with asthma often seek out wool carpet, since it does not emit harmful gases and traps dust and allergens until they can be vacuumed.

Wool carpet is environmentally friendly. Wool carpet is natural and sustainable. Grown on sheep, wool must be sheered as a necessary part of animal husbandry. When wool carpet wears out, it breaks down naturally for minimal environmental impact.

Wool carpet is fire resistant. Wool is difficult to ignite because it has a high nitrogen content. Should it ignite, it has been known to self-extinguish.

Wool carpet cushions falls. Especially if someone very young or old lives in the home, wool carpet’s softness can be helpful in preventing injury in case of falls.